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Secure Your web Site With
SSL Certificate

How safe would you feel if your browser warned you about a website being “Not Secure” a warning that the connection is not secure? This is being shown in all browsers address bar now. Do you want that? Of course, you don’t.
Secure Your web Site With SSL Certificate
Just For PKR 2000 (US$15)

Why SSL is essential?
Here are our 5 key reasons

SSL Protects Data
The core function of an SSL certificate is to protect server-client communication. On installing SSL, every bit of information is encrypted, data is locked and can only be unlocked by the intended recipient (browser or server) as no one else can have the key to open it. While dealing with sensitive data such as IDs, passwords, credit card numbers, etc., SSL helps you protect against the mischievous army of hackers and skimmers. As the data is turned into the undecipherable format by SSL, hacker’s skills prove to be an edgeless sword against the unsurpassable encryption technology of SSL certificates.

Better Search Engine Ranking
In 2014, Google made changes to its algorithm in order to give the upper hand to HTTPS-enabled websites. This has been evident in various studies conducted by SEO experts around the world. Researches show a strong correlation between HTTPS and higher search engine rankings. So, who doesn’t want to be on Google’s first page, right?


So, why are you delaying?
Get super-affordable SSL Certificates
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SSL Affirms Your Identity
The second primary task of an SSL certificate is to provide authentication to a website. Identity verification is one of the most important aspects as far as web security is concerned. There is no doubt about the fact that the internet is increasingly deceptive. There have been cases in which people have lost thousands of dollars on fake websites. This is where SSL certificate comes into play. SSL helps users drive to your real website, saves users from frauds and enhances your reputation.

SSL Helps You Satisfy PCI/DSS Requirements
If you accept online payments, you must know a thing or two about PCI/DSS requirements. To receive online payments, your website must be PCI compliant. Having an SSL certificate installed is one of the 12 primary requirements set by the payment card industry (PCI). Therefore, SSL is essential—whether you want it or not.

SSL Improves Customer Trust
SSL certificates are vital from a customer trust point of view. The easy to identify signs inform the users that the data they send will be secured. And if you’ve installed SSL, they can see your organization’s details. Once they know that you’re a legitimate entity, they’re far more likely to do business with you or even revisit your site.

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